Live The Pictures: 7 Ways To Manifest Blessings Straight From Your Vision Board


Live The Pictures: 7 Ways To Manifest Blessings Straight From Your Vision Board


There's Power In The Chaos Of Those Pictures.

(Let It Out) 


You can live the pictures on your vision board and master manifestation with just 7 simple steps.

Manifestation is the process of bringing something that does not exist (yet) in your life into reality and being able to experience it with your two hands.

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Standing in the way of where you are, & where you want to be, is a huge door. Manifestation is the art of receiving everything on the other side of that door, even when you don't know how to open it yourself. Your vision board is the key to this door...

Standing in the way of where you are, & where you want to be, is a huge door. Manifestation is the art of receiving everything on the other side of that door, even when you don't know how to open it yourself. Your vision board is the key to this door...

Manifestation is a widely talked about topic, but rarely if ever 100% understood.


So how do you manifest your vision board?


The more important question is how do you DO it all the time, right? 

There is a practical system for creating absolutely anything you can imagine step by step, a basis if you will...(& this includes all of those beautiful images sitting on your wall in your office, or at home.)

Example of a vision board from

Example of a vision board from


Most people call them blessings.


You probably do whenever you experience one.


If you're looking for the reasons you don't feel better or more accomplished...


and still wondering why even though you made that vision board


back in January, keep reading.


Here's 7 Ways To Manifest Blessings Straight From Your Vision Board.


i. Visualize The Passionate Colors, Stories, and Emotions.

(Dream Every Damn Day)


Visualization, if you don't know what it is, is the act of imagining yourself in a desired situation as if it was happening at this very moment.

Or taking your mind from the physical to the non-physical. You have to get there before you GET there. How in the world do you do that, Cena?


I'll tell you.


Simply by closing your eyes and BEING there for 10 minutes a day.


Have you ever had a dream that was so real, you couldn't tell it was a dream when you finally woke up because you FELT everything that happened in the dream?


Well, let me scare you for a minute. You can do that at any moment of the day.

OK, so your vision board is a road map of this dream. 


You should be able to look at your board and immediately feel an emotional charge.

Then you use THAT for your visualization.


(If that's not the case, you made the board wrong.)


  1. Visualize at least twice a day for 5 min, once in the morning and once before bed.


My favorite time to do it is in the shower or in the bathtub, don't judge.

Visualize in a space that makes you relax twice a day for just 5 minutes.

Visualize in a space that makes you relax twice a day for just 5 minutes.


Go there in your mind, feel it, and it will come to you in reality.


This is a true and proven law of nature, just like gravity,


It exists whether you use it or not, and that's the secret behind the law of attraction.



CLICK THE PIC to take the free 7 part course to learn how to use the law of attraction for yourself.

CLICK THE PIC to take the free 7 part course to learn how to use the law of attraction for yourself.

If you want to learn how to use the law of attraction to your greatest benefit, (and stop resisting it in your life), take my FREE 7-Part Toolbox Course by clicking the pic above.


ii. The Good Life Means Talking About It.

(Use your words) 


The #1 way to using the law of attraction, and manifestation, to your benefit is by using the power of your words.


Do you have a list of affirmations all over your vision board?


We all do. But are they coming into reality for you to experience through your senses?




OK, so by this point you should be sick of goggling affirmations that don't work then.


The reason that affirmations don't work for most of us is because WE repeat empty words with no actions behind them.


Faith without works, remember faith without works is dead.


Well, the first step to DOING that work is by using your words to TALK about the things that are already happening to you, even if you don't have them in your hands just yet.


If you really want to live the good life, and I'm guessing you do or you would not be reading this blog post, you have got to line up your affirmations with your vision board and talk it out.


Talk about the life that you want to live as if you are living it right now. When you're friend asks how are you doing today you better say "Girl, I am fantastic! I'm receiving some unexpected checks in the mail soon, and that raise I wanted is making its way to my desk tomorrow!! Crazy, right?!?"


Why? Cause that's what's on your vision board. 





Click to tweet that quote out, because it's truth!

Law of attraction again.


Click the image to get 101 affirmations to use for yourself today.

Click the image to get 101 affirmations to use for yourself today.


Use them wisely and use them to your maximum benefit.


iii. Journey Beyond Your Uneasiness (Center Yourself)


Centering yourself everyday means you connect with your source, your power, your God.

My 6 year old son, Prince, pausing for a moment in the middle of the day.

My 6 year old son, Prince, pausing for a moment in the middle of the day.


That can be whatever or whoever you believe in.


But to do it, you have to create a space where you can connect and sit in silence.


I'm a mom, and you probably have a family of your own, so I'm not tellin you to do something I don't do everyday myself. 


Create a sacred room, or a quiet space in your house where you can go and just sit for about 10 minutes.


If this is difficult because of your family or children, make it fun and play "the silent game" where everyone in the house has to be quiet for 10 minutes in order to win some sort of treat. 

Make it a game, this should be fun!!

Make it a game, this should be fun!!


This will help you (and the kids) relax, let go of the stress of the day, and learn to practice centered-ness in silence. 


Spirit moves in silence. And for you to HEAR it speaking to you, you have got to be quiet. 


Intuition on your menu yet?


Find your quiet space today.

Find your quiet space today.

You cannot and will not manifest anything NEW in chaos.


Think about that.


So let go of all the noise of the day, and get quiet for at least 10 minutes. This one step alone will change the game for you if you implement it right away. 


iv. Learn To Pray, Praise, And Be Thankful Like A Powerful Warrior


Gratitude for what you have is the key. 

You will start seeing how much you have that you might be taking for granted.


Pray often.


Ask for direction and clarity.


Visualization and prayers will cause things to miraculously move in your life so that you can manifest all that is on your vision board. 


Praise by giving gratitude. Throughout the day just say "thank you for __________." Whatever that thing may be. 


Be thankful and ignite your spiritual soldier.


SHE is the one inside of you that will get the ball rolling. 


If you find this difficult to do, make it a habit to start a gratitude journal and start jotting down all the things you have to be grateful for.


Hot Tip: Remember what I said earlier in the post about using your words?


Well if you want to speed up your manifesting, write gratitude entries into your journal for things you don't have yet!


Why? This will spark the emotion inside of you to FEEL it before you have it, and then the law of attraction will start moving it towards you. Journals are great for creating, not venting.


v. If You Ain't Gettin It, You Ain't Givin Enough Of It.

(Give more)


How can I give away what I don't have, Cena?


You don't.


But close your eyes for 5 minutes, and imagine everything you DO have disappearing 1-by-1.

You have a lot to give now, don't cha?



Give your time. Donate used clothes or toys. Give your love. Give away $1 if that's all you can give. 


See, the law of reciprocity states that when someone does something nice for another person, other people will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. As a matter of fact, they may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed.


So giving sparks a movement in your own manifestation. 


Give, not to seek return, but because you know the universe will bless all that you do when you give first.


It also will take you out of the mindset of "I don't have ____ to give." 


You will begin to let go of the "lack" mindset and start living in your abundance.


Remember, I teach you EXACTLY how to do this in my 7 Part Toolbox Course.


This is one of the biggest principles in Think And Grow Rich, and one that most people overlook when they are trying to manifest their own miracles in life. 


Don't make this mistake. Be a giver, and be a over-giver. 


The universe will smile down on you, and begin to give you back so much more when you give from a space of gratitude. 


vi. Are You Doing What You Say, And Saying What You Do?

(Is That The Case Here?)


Whatever you do on a consistent basis, forms beliefs.


What do you believe about your life?


Do you believe you CAN AND WILL have the things you put on that vision board?


The way to test this out and find out for yourself is by looking good and hard at your habits. 


There are things that we do, unconsciously, that we are not even aware of.




And that's what's showing up in our lives.


Do you have pictures of healthy relationships and expensive clothes on your vision board?


Do you see that showing up in your life right now?




Either you are not giving enough, not grateful for what you already have, or you're not doing the NECESSARY actions to ALLOW these things to manifest in your life.


9 times out of 10 it's that last one that has you caught up and stuck in place.


So start using a habit tracker.


  1. Watch your conversations with other people, your daily habits, and take note that it may be time to turn your focus around. Make some new habits!


Watch what you take time doing everyday. And you'll find EXACTLY what you need to start reshaping inside of your daily habits.


vii. The Secret Is There Is No Secret

(Line Up Your Habits & Visions In Formation, Bey Hive.)


The secret is actually very simple. 


Your actions and mind have GOT to be in alignment with your vision board, your prayers, and your affirmations. 


If you what you are asking for, and what you are receiving, is not lining up....well you can see there's an underlying problem.

And you probably feel just like HOTSAUCE getting smacked on this car window.


If you struggle with forming new habits, check out the book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin below. 


This book is AH-MAZING and it helped me and thousands of other women tremendously in our efforts to form habits that increased our lifestyles. I highly recommended it. If you take nothing else from this blog post, take this with you. 


You manifest WHAT YOU ARE, not who you want to be. Change your habits and START BEING what you see up on that vision board. Visualize, use your words, give thanks, and change your habits. 


Manifesting your miracles from your vision boards all start with these 4 steps.


vii. Crack The Code To Your Extraordinary Circle Of Friends

(Movement + Manifestation Happens Through People)


Here's a gem you won't find on the INTERNET about manifestation. 


You can't do it alone!


Think about it. Money, businesses, great careers, objects, houses, cars, whatever. 


In order for you to get or have any of these things, you need other people to be involved in the process. 


So you should immediately begin crafting your extraordinary league of friends. 


Get people around you who have accomplished the things you have up on your vision board.


Join mastermind groups, like the Confidence Catchers Community I started over on Facebook.


You can do all of the steps I've given so far in this post and have the movement part of your manifestation down pack. 


But if you don't have the people, you can't manifest on the level you are looking for. 


So go out today, even if it's just through messaging new people online, and start building that circle!



The people in your life will have A TON to do with how fast you manifest the things you want off that board. 


Did this help you?


Are you on track to manifesting the miracles you want from your vision board?


I want to know! 


Leave a comment below and let me know, I always respond swiftly and can't wait to hear how these tips have helped you manifest something you've always desired in your own life. Right off that vision board :)


Here's to the best you possible,